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The Excelsior Cornet Band is available for concerts, living history events, educational presentations, monument dedications, parades, reenactments, and various other functions. 
We will add the perfect 19th-century ambiance to your event!

For more information or to book the Excelsior Cornet Band,

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We are always seeking period instruments for our performing collection. Of particular interest are any Over-The-Shoulder (OTS) instruments (especially E-flat soprano, B-flat soprano and B-flat baritone), any keyed bugles (especially in E-flat), quinticlaves (alto ophicleide in E-flat) and “post horns” (small-bore trumpets with “Vienna twin-piston” valves.) Please contact us if you have any antique instrument that you think may be of interest to us!

The Excelsior Cornet Band

Jeff Stockham, Director

209 Helen Street
Syracuse, NY 13203



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