Musical Repertoire

Our repertoire includes much of the most popular music of the Civil War period,
including the following selections, as well as many others:


Abraham Lincoln’s Funeral March (Christoph Bach)

Alpha Quickstep  (1st Wisconsin Brigade Band)

America (26th Massachusetts Regt. Band)

American Brass Band Journal Suites 1–4 (arr. GWE Friedrich)

American Hymn (M. Keller)

Annie of the Vale (19th Virginia Heavy Artillery Band)

Aria from “La Traviata” & Bolero from “Il Vespri Siciliano” (25th Mass. Regt. Band)

Astor House Polka (Patrick Gilmore)

Auld Lang Syne (Dodworth’s Brass Band School)

Battle Cry of Freedom (George Root)

Battle Cry of Freedom/Kingdom Coming Quickstep (1st Wisconsin Brigade Band)

Battle Hymn of the Republic (P. Gilmore/J.W. Howe)

Battle Hymn Quickstep (25th Massachusetts Regt. Band)

Big Thunder Quickstep (Claudio Grafulla)

Bright Hopes Quickstep (19th Virginia Heavy Artillery Band)

Bronze Bobtail Horse Quickstep (S. Foster, arr. D.C. Hall, Boston Brass Band)

Bugle Quickstep (Francis Johnson)

Canary Bird Waltz (26th North Carolina Regt. Band)

Cape May Polka (3rd New Hampshire “Port Royal” Band)

Captain Shepherd’s Quickstep (1st Wisconsin Brigade Band)

Carry Me Back to Old Virginny (26th North Carolina Regt. Band)

Casta Diva from “Norma” (Bellini, arr. Manchester NH Cornet Band)

Cavalry Polka (25th Massachusetts Regt. Band)

Cheer, Boys, Cheer (Henry Russell)

Chorus from Verdi's "Ernani" (Squire’s Cornet Band Olio)

College Galop (3rd New Hampshire “Port Royal” Band)

Colonel Meeker’s Quickstep (8th Connecticut Regt. Band)

Come, Dearest, the Daylight is Gone (26th North Carolina Regt. Band)

Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming (Stephen Foster)

Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming Quickstep (Squire’s Cornet Band Olio)

Commencement Waltz (A.T. Kennedy)

Cornflower Waltz (Squire’s Cornet Band Olio #2)

Crystal Schottisch (American Brass Band Journal)

Damen-Souvenir Polka (Johann Strauss, Jr.)

Dance Medleys #1-4

Darling Nelly Gray Quickstep

Dead March from “Saul” (G.F. Handel; Squire’s Cornet Band Olio)

The Dearest Spot on Earth to Me is Home (Stratton’s Military Band Journal)

Dear Mother, I’ve Come Home to Die (Squire’s Cornet Band Olio #2)

Detroit Schottisch (Squire’s Cornet Band Olio #1)
Dirge (Alfred Delaney, performed November 19, 1863 at Gettysburg)

Dixie & The Bonnie Blue Flag (26th North Carolina Regt. Band)

Dixie’s Land Medley (4th New Hampshire/Manchester Cornet Band)

Dixie's Land/Tecumseh's Quickstep (1st Wisconsin Brigade Band)

E Pluribus Unum

Ever of Thee (Foley Hall)

Faust Quickstep (2nd Brigade Band)

Fairy Waltz (19th Virginia Heavy Artillery Band)

The Fifers of the Guard Polka (Squire’s Cornet Band Olio #2)

Fort Federal Hill Quickstep (7th Regt. New York National Guard Band)

Free & Easy (4th New Hampshire/Manchester Cornet Band)

Freischutz Quickstep (3rd New Hampshire “Port Royal” Band)

Funeral March
Funeral March Dedicated to the Memory of Abraham Lincoln (Maj. Gen. J.C. Barnard)

General Beauregard’s Grand Military Polka (Squire’s Cornet Band Olio #2)

General Birney’s Quickstep (Alfred Squire)

Gentle Annie (US Marine Band)

George Hart’s Quickstep (4th New Hampshire/Manchester Cornet Band)

Grafulla’s Favorite Waltz (Septimus Winner)

Grand Fantasia from “Il Trovatore” (1st Wisconsin Brigade Band)

Hail Columbia (Philip Philo)

Hail to the Chief (25th Massachusetts Regt. Band)

Here's Your Mule Galop (26th North Carolina Regt. Band)

Hero’s Quickstep (Elias Howe’s Musical Companion)

Hurrah: Storm Galop ( (3rd New Hampshire “Port Royal” Band)

I’m Going Home to Dixie (Daniel Emmett)

Irish Medley (Squire’s Cornet Band Olio)

Iron Clad Quickstep (David Downing)

Jenny Lind Polka (Squire’s Cornet Band Olio)

Jessamine Waltzes (Josef Labitzky)

Jordan am a Hard Road ta Trabel (Manchester NH Cornet Band)

Joyce’s 71st Regiment March (T.B. Boyer)

Jullien’s American Quadrille (Louis Antoine Jullien)

Just Before the Battle, Mother (George Root)

Kathleen Mavourneen (F.N. Crouch)

La Traviata (Verdi)

Light of Other Days (25th Massachusetts Regt. Band)

Lilly Bell Quickstep (American Brass Band Journal)

Linda Quickstep (Donizetti, arr. C. Grafulla)

Lorena & Bright Smiles Quickstep (26th North Carolina Regt. Band)

Luto Quickstep (26th North Carolina Regt. Band)

Manual of Arms Polka (7th Regt. New York National Guard Band)

March for the Sultan Abdul Medjid (Rossini)

Martha Quadrilles (Squire’s Cornet Band Olio)

Maryland Guard Galop (Charles Denstedt)

Meditation: Twenty Tears Ago & Ever of Thee (G.H. Goodwin)

Memories of Home (Stratton’s Military Band Journal)

Mocking Bird & Twinkling Stars Quickstep (26th North Carolina Regt. Band)

Moonbeam Waltzes (Manchester NH Cornet Band)

My Maryland & The Old North State (26th North Carolina Regt. Band)

New World Galop (Edward Strauss)

No One to Love (4th New Hampshire/Manchester Cornet Band)

O Hills, O Vales of Pleasure (Mendelssohn)

O Summer Night from “Don Pasquale” (Donizetti)

Old Dog Trey March (American Brass Band Journal)

Old Joe Hooker (26th North Carolina Regt. Band)

Orleans Cadets Quickstep (26th North Carolina Regt. Band)

Our Country’s Praises Let Us Sing (Ernest Held)

Patriot March (Stratton’s Military Band Journal)

Polonaise for Keyed Bugle (Joseph Kuffner)

Polonaise: Last Rose of Summer (25th Massachusetts Regt. Band)

Port Royal Galop

Quickstep Number One (Ellsworth Maine Cornet Band)

Quickstep Ala Pike (Gaetano Daga)

Rebecca Waltz (Squire’s Cornet Band Olio #2)

Remembrance (Mendelssohn)

Rock Me to Sleep, Mother (26th North Carolina Regt. Band)

Seventh Regiment Quickstep (7th Massachusetts Regt. Band)

Skyrockets (3rd New Hampshire Band)

Slumber Polka (26th North Carolina Regt. Band)

The Soldier’s Return March (Gilmore’s Band)

The Star-Spangled Banner (3rd New Hampshire “Port Royal” Band)

Sun Quickstep (Alfred Holland)

Sunny Hours Waltz (Peter’s Saxhorn Journal)

Sweet Home (Dodworth’s Brass Band School)

Tenting Tonight, with Taps (Walter Kitteridge)

Third U.S. Infantry Quickstep (Henry Yaeger)

Tu Che A Dio from “Lucia Di Lammermoor” (26th North Carolina Regt. Band)

Trovatore Quickstep (26th North Carolina Regt. Band)

Washington Greys (Manchester NH Cornet Band)

Watch Hill Polka (3rd New Hampshire “Port Royal” Band)

The Wearing of the Green (Stratton’s Military Band Journal)

We Are Coming Father Abra'am

Wedding Schottisch (American Brass Band Journal)

When John Gets Home From de War (3rd New Hampshire “Port Royal” Band)

Wide Awake Quickstep (1st Wisconsin Brigade Band)

Wide Awake Quickstep (Schreiber's Albany Cornet Band)

William Tell (Squire’s Cornet Band Olio)

Woodman, Spare That Tree (Stratton’s Military Band Journal)

Wood Up Quickstep (John Holloway)

The Vacant Chair (George Root)

Yankee Doodle (American Brass Band Journal)