Our 2006 debut CD “Cheer, Boys, Cheer!” IS BACK IN STOCK!
It won a 2006 SAMMY Award (Syracuse Area Music Award) for
“Best Recording, Other Styles” (non-pop/rock/jazz/folk.) ORDER NOW!


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Our debut CD Cheer, Boys, Cheer! includes 16 selections ranging from well-known Civil War tunes to lesser-known but equally exciting music, ballads to quicksteps, marching songs to operatic arrangements. 

1. 3rd U.S. Infantry Quickstep (Henry Jaeger)

2.  Polonaise for Keyed Bugle (Joseph Kuffner)

3. Hero’s Quickstep (Henry Schmitt)

4. Skyrockets! (Claudio Grafulla)

5. Irish Medley (Squire's Brass Band Oleo)

6. Meditation: 20 Years Ago (Hall/Linley/Goodwin)

7. Quickstep Ala Pike (Gaetano Daga)

8. Cheer, Boys, Cheer! (Henry Russell)

9. Remembrance (Felix Mendelssohn)

10. General Birney’s Quickstep (Alfred Squire)

11. Battle Hymn Quickstep (Gilmore/Howe/Steffe)

12. Rock Me To Sleep, Mother (John Hill Hewitt)

13. Maryland Guard Galop (Charles Denstedt)

14. Manual of Arms Polka (Claudio Grafulla)

15. Tu Che A Dio (Gaetano Donizetti)

16. Tenting On The Old Camp Ground (Walter Kittredge)


CLICK HERE to hear Hero's Quickstep


Dr. Richard Schwartz, distinguished scholar and author of The Cornet Compendium: The History and Development of the Nineteenth-Century Cornet, has this to say about Cheer, Boys, Cheer!:

“Recordings of Civil War Brass Band Music that are played with true sensitivity, warmth, and depth of musicality and feeling are indeed rare. Many great Civil War Brass Band recordings do exist and represent a fine selection of music played by bands on both sides of the war. This recording, however, contains something very special indeed! Herein exists an opportunity to hear these pieces played with a rare depth of musicality, accuracy, sensitivity, and historical research! One knows as soon as the first track plays, ‘Third U.S. Infantry Quickstep’. The playing is musical, beautiful, clean, and the piece is played at a wonderful tempo that shows off all these great players! I knew that I was in for a treat! The research for the information for each piece is impeccable as well. There is so much good to say here, that I can only hit the highlights. First of all, the group is outstanding. Each section of the band is equally represented throughout the CD. The excellence of the research is further validated by the fact that not just OTS (Over-The-Shoulder) horns are used on this CD. OTS are, of course, here, but so also are rotary-valve cornets; cylindrical-valve lower horns; percussion; and keyed bugle played by the virtuoso Jeff Stockham. Moving performances of patriotic airs, operatic medleys, and music that were played by bands on both sides of the war is represented on the recording as well. The last arrangement on this great CD, ‘Tenting on the Old Camp Ground’, ends with a touching and very poignant performance of the immortal ‘Taps’. A well-rounded and excellent recording is for the taking here. Do yourself a great favor and order a copy soon!”

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